Dev chat summary: June 26

Another relatively quiet devchat, with folks returning from WCEU and getting into holiday mode here in the US.

We had one announcement: Gutenberg 6.0! Props @karmatosed and all the core-editor and Gutenberg contributors. It looks amazing!

@desrosj led a brief discussion of when and how we might release a 5.2.3. Two tickets in Trac have that milestone, but one of them, #47561, is a layout issue and not a functionality issue.

So over the next few weeks, we (you the reader, the community, the component maintainers and I the copywriter) will see how the scheduling for 5.3 shakes out and let that inform the point-release decision.

Meantime, @desrosj suggests we all just keep working on our tickets until we learn more about the specifics of 5.3.

In open floor, @joyously noted that there are a lot of meta tickets to improve the SEO of the .org site. She suggests that some of those be incorporated into WP, to fix it for everyone.

@garrett-eclipse asked for a committer to review ticket #37782.

@davidb will lead next week’s devchat.

I’ll be back July 10, and @chanthaboune will be back after that!