REST API Chat Summary: June 13th

This post summarizes the weekly REST API chat meeting for June 13, 2019. (Slack transcript). Weekly REST API component office hours are held every Thursday at 18:00 UTC in the #core-restapi room in the Make WordPress Slack.

Menus Endpoint

@spacedmonkey has continued work on the menus endpoint. Initial feedback was provided on the PR. The majority of the feedback has been addressed or is currently being worked on. It was decided to merge this PR soon and continue iterating in follow-up issues for the remaining feedback and decisions.

@jorgefilipecosta clarified how the Gutenberg navigation project is storing data. The first versions are using block attributes to rapidly prototype the UX. However, everything is open and using the REST API is a possibility.

@spacedmonkey brought up menu permissions. Ideally, some menu data would be publicly accessible, but that might show data that users don’t want to be public. @timothybjacobs suggested that to start, only menus that were attached to a menu location that was specifically marked as public would be exposed. A Github issue was opened for further discussion.

Upcoming Meetings