Media Meeting Recap – May 23, 2019


This post is a summary of the latest weekly Media component meeting, which took place in the #core-media Slack channel, on Thursday, May 23, 2019. The purpose of these meetings are to move priority tasks forward, provide feedback on issues of interest, and review media focused issues. The focus of this meeting, was around the timing of our meeting going forward.

Attendees: @karmatosed @joemcgill @desrosj @mikeschroder @antpb @anevins @sergeybiryukov @pbiron

Transcript: Read on Slack


It was discussed by @desrosj that #46052 would be great to have fixed to 5.2.2. There was discussion around wether or not this issue was a regression due to block editor or not related at all. Worth noting that this is happening also while using the Classic Editor plugin. Investigation is needed still.


Discussion began around the scope of Media for 5.3. There are 47 tickets in the 5.3 milestone. @desrosj mentioned that a few things need to happen to keep the scope manageable. If you have a chance, it would be great to review any tickets assigned to yourself in the 5.3 milestone and decide to punt or future release the issue. As he said,

Everyone should look at the tickets they own in the milestone and determine of the issue is realistic for 5.3. If not, please punt to Future Release (no shame in this!).

If the ticket is realistic, but you have lost interest or are not the best person to own anymore, please just remove yourself as owner.

There are 24 un-owned issues. I’d like to see all of these have an owner to help push these along during the release.


@azaozz has been graciously diligent in comprising a list of Uploads issues that should be prioritized. Most of all #40439 needs to be merged as soon as possible as it is currently a blocker for all of the issues in the list. For that ticket, @mikeschroder mentioned that some eyes/hands are needed on the UX/UI side for handling during the upload; likely a mix between the modal and Gutenberg. There is currently UI for testing in the patch but this is not the final design. This should aim to land early in the 5.3 cycle. The full list can be found below:

@pbiron brought up a ticket that would be great to have #44900 be considered for 5.3. It currently needs design feedback so that @pbiron can move it along. Any help there would be very appreciated.

The media team is also aiming for a A11y Media focused bug scrub at the beginning, middle, and end of the release cycle. More to come on that as they are scheduled. There are a large handful of smaller bugs that will not require a major amount of work to address in this cycle so they will be high priority. Any preferred times/dates for the scrubs are encouraged to be included in the comments below.

Next Meeting

The next #core-media meeting is set for Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 13:00UTC See you there!

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