Editor chat summary: May 15

This post summarizes the weekly Editor meeting on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 4:00 PM GMT+3 held in Slack.

The agenda followed can be found here.

Gutenberg 5.7

Gutenberg 5.7 was released today, congratulations to everyone who participated in this release!

Gutenberg Docs are now in the WordPress DevHub

You can check this out at: https://developer.wordpress.org/block-editor/  They have also been reorganized for better navigation and discoverability. Props to @nosolosw @chrisvanpatten @coffee2code @mkaz @kenshino.

WordPress 5.3 planning

During the previous dev chat the scope of the WordPress 5.3 was discussed. Today @youknowriad asked what can we get into that release from the Core Editor team.

@youknowriad, @aduth, @joen, @getdave proposed new Gutenberg features and updates to land in  WordPress 5.3 (to be released in late August):

Improvements we can safely expect:

  • Columns Block Resizing
  • Group Block (new block)
  • Nested Block Selection improvements
  • Table Block
  • UI improvements: Micro-animations, publishing flow tweaks, Snackbar notifications
  • Selecting parent blocks with clickthrough
  • Block Grouping

Big subjects and uncertain features:

  • A Navigation Block
  • A new widgets screen
  • The Block Registration API relying on block.json


  • @mapk expressed concern over committing to landing a Navigation Block in WordPress 5.3 because of a lacking clear place to use the block once it becomes available in the Inserter.
  • @youknowriad expressed hope that we’ll soon have a « widgets screen » prototype in the plugin and clarify whether this can be part of the release or not.
  • @gziolo: Beta 1 is the deadline for new features which means late July to have everything ready

Task Coordination

Explicit Draft statuses for RFCs

There is an increasing worry over the current state of the Widgets RFC because it is hard to make sense of it, or to follow developments as it’s now at over 170 comments. It became a good example that when trying to devise the perfect all-encompassing plan, discussion can become fragmented, we lose sight of the larger goal, and momentum halts.

There was as lively discussion about this and @youknowriad identified the following actionable steps:

To handle multiple merged RFCs @aduth proposed we’d have a Project board with a column for each RFC, and each column would contain issues or PR’s that affect that column’s RFC.

A second Gutenberg triage session that is more APAC timezones friendly

The proposal is to have a second Gutenberg triage session around 06:00 UTC, every two weeks, in the slack #core-editor channel, but no day is yet. @danr, @noisysocks and, @andraganescu would attend/run the sessions and we’d love it if others could join/help. The reasoning is that many struggle to attend meetings or triage sessions due to timezones, so this would be a chance to get involved at a more comfortable time of day.


  • the general feeling was that it’s a good idea and that it should happen.
  • @youknowriad suggested it could include new contributors help


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The agenda for the next meeting, on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, 4:00 PM GMT+3 , is here; please add anything that you want to discuss.