Dev Chat Summary: May 8th


WordPress 5.2 was released yesterday! Thank you, everyone, who was involved in any aspect. @chanthaboune has some learnings from this release to take into handbook updates.

Global WordPress Translation Day is coming up on Saturday!

Planning next releases

@chanthaboune outlined a proposed plan of one small scale point release in a few weeks and then 5.3. The suggestion was mid-August. This sparked a discussion on what could be added to the next release. It was noted component maintainers and teams are over the next few weeks going to decide what they want to achieve. @jeffpaul added that it’s worth checking which of our 9 focuses could be the star of 5.3.

Some of the suggested things to include:

  • Fine tuning recovering mode (@pbiron)
  • Anything else which gets us closer to bumping min PHP version (@pbiron)
  • Modernizing our CSS base (@marybaum)
  • Revisiting responsive images (@kadamwhite)

@youknowriad mentioned there is some are still some uncertainties that need to be figured out about the widgets screen + Customizer, but it would like to be in 5.3.

Regarding the mid-August timeline, it was noted a lot of Europe shuts down for extended holidays and it is common vacation time.

@mapk noted if there was no later release a lot of the bigger ticket items for Gutenberg wouldn’t make it in, so there would need to be a later one. December having a release would fit into the end of year version bump for PHP minimum to 7.x.

@chanthaboune noted to keep an eye out on for a post and discussion.

5.2 Retrospective post

There will be one and a call for volunteers to manage was made. This will be a post on make/core asking 3 questions. @marybaum volunteered to help with that.

Calls from component maintainers

@afragen raised that if theme compatibility testing were desirable, at some point, #meta3781 needs to progress.

Open floor

Component maintainers

@afercia would like to see an audit of component maintainers and try and get new contributors involved there. @garrett-eclipse suggested a flag that could automatically be raised once someone has consistently contributed to a component, or create a potential shortlist of candidates. @jeffpaul noted this is what should happen with component maintainers. It was also noted by several people this wouldn’t help those who don’t contribute via patches.

@jeremyfelt added some thoughts on component maintaining. He noted inactive doesn’t mean unavailable and there is something to be said for historic knowledge. That said, fresh maintainers are great. Some components are just not active enough right now, which also isn’t a bad thing.

The discussion moved to talk about establishing an emeritus role and @chanthaboune linked to her post about this. It would be good to identify right now what components are in “maintenance mode” and what are “accepting features”, to get a clear picture. @jorbin noted in core we have precedence for this emeritus status.

Other open floor

@bgermann wanted to raise #21022 as something that needs a review and decision on whether a candidate for 5.3.

@clorith mentioned 5.2 hasn’t had many reports yet in forums. Some hosts have a few more than usual. There are some reports of theme updates failing after 5.2 that need investigating.

@jorbin suggested for next week getting a report of PHP versions that people using 5.2 are running. Checking back on this every month after would be great in lead up to changes end of the year. @azaozz recommended adding to the stats page and @melchoyce linked it.

@afercia wanted to discuss the a11y audit by WPCampus / Tenon and spoke on behalf of the accessibility team. The team is glad to see the aggressive triage, but the report outlined broader, fundamental, issues in the overall design of Gutenberg. Next Friday (May 10th) there will be a discussion on this and everyone is welcome at 15:00 UTC in #accessibility.

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