Dev Chat Summary: April 10


Five days left to submit a talk for WordCamp US at WordCamp US 2019

5.2 updates

Beta 3 is Thursday, April 11th; target release is April 30, so focus is on final pushes.

Bug Scrubs

There are two planned bug scrubs prior to RC1. Check the post here for the schedule.

Dev Notes

Deadline for dev notes is this Friday, April 12.

Two were published on Make/Core; two more went up to Make/Themes but consensus was to move to Make/Core after some discussion. Three to four more are in the pipeline for Friday. A post on the new Site Health tool from @clorith will also get the dev-notes tag.

@earnjam noted the choices for what needs notes are coming from this Trac list and this Gutenberg list.

All 5.2 dev notes will go in the Field Guide, which will go live with the RC on April 17.

@jeffpaul has volunteered to help with the Field Guide.

Per the notes @williampatton wrote for Make/Themes: @chanthaboune clarified that she thought the best plan was to move all dev notes to Make/Core to keep them all together and ensure broader reach.


Deadline for Gutenberg changes to make 5.2 is also Friday, April 12. This is limited to bug fixes only.

Open Floor

Visibility of Dev Notes

@xkon started a discussion on the best way to surface dev notes for easiest access. He and other folks are now looking for All The Links and will comment on this post with their findings.

From there we’ll revisit the issue and use it to inform any changes to Make/Core and what we put on a proposed Core Contributor Handbook page.

WP Translation Day

@jeffpaul noted we’re just about a month out from WP Translation Day on May 11.


@milana_cap put out a request for someone to lead the Core PHP team at WCEU Contributor Day.

Important dates

@chanthaboune closed with a list:

  • April 11 – WordPress 5.2 Beta 3 + soft string freeze
  • April 12 – Dev notes deadline
  • April 15 – WCUS Speaker application deadline
  • April 15 – Gutenberg 5.5 RC
  • April 17 – Gutenberg 5.5 Final
  • April 17 – WordPress 5.2 RC1 + hard string freeze (edited)

Props to @marybaum for writing this summary.

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