Editor chat summary: April 10th

This post summarizes the latest weekly Editor meeting, held in the #core-editor Slack channel, on Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 13:00 UTC.

Gutenberg 5.5 and WordPress 5.2

Gutenberg 5.5 and WordPress 5.2 RC scheduled to be released on April 17.

Widgets RFC

The block-based widgets screen is one of the focus of phase 2. The RFC has already received some good feedback and is being iterated on, you can still share your thoughts. Experimentations and implementations based on the RFC will soon be kickstarted.


  • Polishing reusable block editor.
  • Critical bug fixes for 5.2.
  • Widgets RFC and implementation.
  • Improvements to the columns block.

Tasks Coordination

  • @youknowriad will be working on the Widgets Storage RFC and experimentations (possibly with @noisysocks).
  • @getdave is working on improvements to the InnerBlocks block appender.
  • @nosolosw is requesting some feedback/reviews for a bunch of Gallery Block PRs (@youknowriad volunteered to take a look).
  • @jorgefilipecosta is working on initial explorations for the Navigation Menu Block.
  • @gziolo is iterating on the Block Registration RFC implementation.
  • @aduth will be working on bug fixes for Gutenberg 5.5 and WordPress 5.2.

Open Floor

  • Some discussion around better communicating priorities and handling triage.
  • First triage meeting is on Monday at 13UTC.
  • Interested people can join the meeting and help with triage.

Note: Anyone reading this summary outside of the meeting, please drop a comment in the post summary, if you can/want to help with something.

The meeting archive is here.

The agenda for the next meeting is here, please add anything you want to discuss.

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