Dev Chat Summary: April 3

This post summarizes the weekly devchat meeting from April 3rd, 2019 ( Slack Archive).


5.2 Beta 1 was released in March 27th, 2019. Please help test this development version for any issues.

5.2 updates

There are currently 116 open tickets in the 5.2 milestone on Trac. This list needs to be groomed and scrubbed to an empty state (excluding release related, blessed tasks) by RC1, which is currently scheduled for April 17, 2019.

Bug Scrubs

@audrasjb @jeffpaul will be coordinating some bug scrubs to help achieve this goal. Anyone else with contribution bandwidth is asked to focus on this list leading up to RC. If you currently own any tickets in this list, please work on those tickets and ensure they are accurate and ready.

Anyone is welcome to lead a bug scrub! If you have time and are interested in leading one during the next 13 days, please reach out to @chanthaboune, @audrasjb, @jeffpaul, or @desrosj.

Dev Notes

Please keep an eye out for 5.2 dev notes. @earnjam is coordinating these for 5.2. If you have a change that you feel warrants a dev note, please reach out to him.

Since the last dev chat, the following note was published:

Also, please refer to the most recent “What’s New in Gutenberg?” post for details on the features and changes that will be included in 5.2. The updated packages will be published to NPM and a ticket on Trac will be opened to merge them into trunk.

Component Updates

@pento noted his appreciation for the great feedback on the proposed coding standards changes. He is planning on sorting through all of the comments in the coming week.

@jorbin noted that the public announcement for the PHP minimum version bump went out on Monday. It’s happening! 🎉

@kadamwhite mentioned that the REST API and Mobile teams are collaborating on a feature plugin for JWT authentication to allow mobile apps to communicate to Gutenberg Endpoints. Those interested should check out the GitHub repository, or join the weekly REST API meetings at 18:00 UTC on Thursdays in the #core-restapi room on the Making WordPress Core Slack instance.

Open Floor

Some open floor tickets requests:

  • Design input on #46623 is needed.
  • #46076 was requested to be moved to the 5.2 milestone.
  • #44836 was mentioned.

The next Core dev chat will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 @ 20:00 UTC. Please make sure to note the time as it changed this week to account for daylight savings.

These meetings are held in the #core channel in the Making WordPress Core Slack instance.

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