Dev Chat Summary: March 13

This post summarizes the weekly devchat meeting from March 13th, 2019 (agendaSlack archive).

  • Announcements
  • 5.2 updates
    • There’s a call for testing on the Block Manager (for languages specifically).
    • There’s a call for feedback/testing for PHP compatibility with plugin updates and activation.
    • There’s a call for copyediting on Site Health Check.
    • Devnotes have a target publish date of April 10. Flag any features that still need notes.
      • It was noted that these are published to, and there are publishing guidelines to get people started.
  • Calls from component maintainers
    • There are a few requests for feedback and testing from various components and focuses.
      • Open invitation to come learn more about Theme reviews! Ping @williampatton in Slack for more info.
      • Testing/review:
      • Testing (w/ Input Method Editor converters):
      • Review:
    • @chanthaboune noted that @jeffpaul is completing a fresh audit of the existing component maintainers.
  • Open Floor
    • Timing: Media has moved their meeting to13:00-14:00 UTC on Thursdays.
    • Timing: Devchat will move after European Daylight Saving Time begins (so, our Apr 3 meeting)

These meetings are held in the #core channel in the Making WordPress Slack.

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