WordPress 5.1 Release Day

We’re less than 24 hours away from WordPress 5.1! If you’d like to help get this release out the door, here’s how you can join in.

The current plan is to start the release process at February 21th, 2019 at 22:00 UTC, in the #core Slack channel.

The major version release process can take a bit more time than the betas or Release Candidates, particularly if we run into any last minute issues that need to be addressed.

The Release Process

We’ll be working through the Major Version Release process, for anyone who wants to follow along.

I ran through the Dry Run steps earlier, there was one file missing from $_old_files (#46284).

How You Can Help

A key part of the release process is checking that the zip packages work on all the different server configurations available. If you have some of the less commonly used servers available for testing (IIS, in particular), that’d be super helpful. Servers running older versions of PHP and MySQL will also need testing.

In particular, please test:

  • Does a new WordPress install work correctly? This includes running through the manual install process, as well as WP-CLI or one-click installers.
  • Does it upgrade correctly? Are the files listed in $_old_files removed when you upgrade?
  • Does Multisite upgrade properly?
  • Run through some basic usage flows, both on desktop and mobile:
    • Publish a post, including a variety of different blocks.
    • Comment on the post.
    • Install a new plugin/theme, or upgrade an existing one.
    • Change the site language.
    • If you’re a plugin developer, or if there are complex plugins you depend upon, test that they’re working correctly.

You can even start this early, by running the WordPress 5.1 RC2 packages, which are built using the same method as the final packages.