Dev Chat Summary: February 13

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat meeting from February 13th (agendaSlack archive).

5.1 updates

5.1 is currently on target for the Feb 21 release date.

RC1 went out last week. Two remaining bugs have been fixed (remaining open tickets can be tracked here). Right now, all that is left is the About page, which needs some design work and some minor bug fixes. @pento expects to release a small RC2 either late this week, or early next week.

The WordPress 5.1 Field guide is out, thanks to the hard work of @desrosj, @jeffpaul, and the many contributors who wrote individual dev notes for this release.

Since the meeting adjourned, 5.1 has been branched, and Trunk is open for 5.2–alpha enhancements.

5.2 and 5.1.x Logistics

Release target and cadence

Based on the desire to update the PHP requirements in April, @pento proposed targeting late April for a 5.2 release. That leaves about a month for alpha, a month for beta, and two weeks for RC.

@youknowraid proposed shortening the release cycles for WordPress to shorter, predictable cycles that are time-based instead of feature based. After some discussion, @chanthaboune suggested an official proposal be drafted on, and @desrosj volunteered to help draft the post.

Potential features for 5.2

While there are no firm commitments, a few ideas for 5.2 features include:

  • Gutenberg performance and UX improvements
  • Core widgets converted to blocks
  • PHP Fatal Recovery (WSOD)
  • Site Health Check

5.1.X Releases

Barring any major regressions in 5.1, the target for a 5.1.1 release will be 2 weeks after 5.1. With 5.2 targeted for April, 5.1.x releases will be limited to 5.1 regressions and important bug fixes that would be good to get out earlier, and exclude additional features or enhancements.

Updates from focus leads and component maintainers

An initial implementation of CODEOWNERS file in Gutenberg was merged, which is kind of a joint JavaScript and Gutenberg update.

From the Gutenberg desk: there is a lot from last week’s meeting, but there is a call for reviewers that’s worth taking a look at.

From Media: the team did a ticket triage and left excellent notes with calls for testing and patches.

From the JavaScript desk: There’s a request for feedback from @youknowriad on how to tackle selecting data over multiple stores.

General announcements and open floor

The Navigation block is currently being discussed and there are mockups in GitHub that would benefit from people’s feedback.

@afercia proposed an audit of the project’s components and maintainers soon to ensure the project is properly organized to maintain all parts of the codebase and increase participation where necessary.

Additionally, @afercia recommended that all components and teams use the correct headings level when authoring a post, and please refrain from using emojis or other extraneous content within the headings. This relates to an ongoing effort to improve the headings hierarchy across the .org network.

Finally, @chanthaboune published a post titled, Strengths and Challenges: Follow Up, earlier this week. Everyone should read it, as it applies to all teams. Additionally, she is working on the first “Scrum of Scrums/Weekly Digest/Wayfinding” post, which she expects to publish later this week.

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