Dev Chat Summary: January 30th

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat meeting from January 30th (agendaSlack archive).

5.1 updates

Beta 3

5.1 Beta 3 was delayed by 24 hours following issues with the PHP error recovery (aka WSOD) feature. The current plan is to release beta 3 a few hours following the dev chat today.

Schedule update

Remaining planned schedule dates remain the same, with RC 1 and a hard string freeze on February 7 and a final release planned for February 21.

See also: WordPress 5.1 Development Cycle

Dev notes status report

All but three dev notes planned for 5.1 have been published

@desrosj is continuing to coordinate 5.1 dev notes. There are also plans to release a Field Guide for 5.1 on the day that RC1 is released. If any component maintainers have information they would like to have included in the Field Guide, please provide them to @desrosj before February 6, 2019.

Updates from focus reps and component maintainers

Meeting notes and summaries

Other calls/proposals

  • The REST API team is aiming to have owners for every ticket milestoned for WordPress 5.2, so could use more help if people are looking for tickets to work on.

PHP error recovery (WSOD) update

Earlier this week, security concerns were raised about this feature, which ultimately has lead to the decision by the #core-php team to revert this feature from 5.1 and try again in 5.2 in order to adequately address the issues identified. For additional context, people can reference the original ticket (#44458) and the new ticket created to track new refinements (#46130).

Continued work on this feature will be coordinated in #core-php on Slack and during weekly meetings on Mondays at 16:00 UTC.

Additional follow up

  • @flixos90 is in touch with the original reporter of the security concern.
  • @aaroncampbell agreed to follow up with the author of the ZDNet article to inform them about the feature being removed. The article has since been updated to reflect this change.
  • From a marketing perspective, @joostdevalk reminded that because of the open nature of our project, these kinds of things are going to happen, which isn’t itself a concern, as long as we are actively following up.

Open floor

@kadamwhite mentioned that the upcoming Gutenberg roadmap would likely require enhancements to the REST API in Core and suggested that there be closer coordination between the editor team and the REST API team regarding implementation of new features or enhancements.

It was suggested that when new features require knowledge from other teams, that the people working on those features reach out via component slack channels or in comments to component/team meeting notes, which should be published consistently by all active teams.

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