Editor chat summary: January 30

This post summarizes the latest weekly Editor meeting, held in the #core-editor Slack channel, on Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 14:00 UTC.


An update to the npm packages was published to ensure fixes are included in WP 5.1 beta 3. The fixes are:

  • List block indent/outdent buttons.
  • Crowdsignal embed block.

Call For Reviews

  • In the last meeting, it was discussed that we lack code reviewers for pull request on Gutenberg repository. To tackle that “Call for reviewers” issue was created.
  • Reviews are a good learning opportunity and don’t require any special knowledge. If you would like to volunteer and help with the code reviews kindly reply on the “Call for reviewers” issue.
  • To further tackle this
    • @aduth will create Github owners file.
    • @youknowriad will create Github teams to ping people for reviews on PR.

Tasks Coordination

Following last week’s meeting, participants have been asked to provide any updates.

  • @sheri, help request issues:
    • 15 have been closed.
    • 11 are in progress with recent replies.
    • 75 are remaining (only 1 of the remaining open is new within the last week).
  • @soean
    • Completed RSS block which is merged into master.
    • Search and Tag Cloud blocks are in review.
    • Working on the video block.
  • @nosolosw has been working on the creation of a new command to auto-generate API documentation. Given a file, it extracts the ES6 export statements and looks up JSDoc comments to generate the output. https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/pull/13329.
  • @aduth
  • @jorgefilipecosta created a proof of concept PR for legacy widget block.
  • @ajitbohra
    • Updated some docs & PR’s.
    • Next working on Latest Post block Iteration.
  • @youknowriad will work on server sider block registration.

For the next week, this is what everyone is working on:

Open floor

  • @noisysocks brought up that in past it was discussed to take turns for plugin release every two weeks. Suggested to use google docs to track the name of individual part of the cycle. There was some discussion to adopt formal release cycle and include new people to identify the pain points in the process. @youknowriad suggested keeping this informal for now unless there are some pain points that need to be addressed.
  • @talldan shared work on Feature Flags PR for feedback and collaboration.

The meeting archive is here.

The agenda for the next meeting is here, please add anything you want to discuss.

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