Editor chat summary: January 9

Gutenberg 4.8

  • Gutenberg 4.8 is released and in WordPress 5.0.3. For the full list of change refer the release post.
  • This release was focused on bug fixes and performance improvements which are included in WordPress 5.0.3.
  • Due to the small gap between 5.0.3 RC and 5.1 beta, Gutenberg 4.8 will be included as is in WordPress 5.1.

Release schedule

  • A new release schedule was proposed:
    • Automatically release a new plugin version every 2 weeks with what’s already available on the master.
    • The remaining PRs in the milestone will automatically be moved to the next release.
    • Build a zip and do a call for testing on Monday, release on Wednesday
    • This will bring more clarity to the schedule and less stress for contributors.
  • There was also a discussion to remove the RC period for the plugin, but no decision reached.

Phase 2 Scope and features

  • There is an issue starting to outline the scope for Phase 2.
  • One of the focus areas for Phase 2 is “widgets 2 blocks“. There are a bunch of PRs that require reviews and may development. Would be great to get some contributions there for those looking to help.
  • An ‘async mode’ has been introduced to batch state updates and improve the performance of the editor with long content. As part of this, there is a structural change to the data module, everyone is encouraged to test for regressions with their custom blocks
  • There is proposed a ‘Generic block editor module’, to build a post agnostic editor. This will make it easier to embed Gutenberg in other places, such as widgets screens.

Open floor

@chrisvanpatten temporarily steps down from Gutenberg docs lead due to personal priorities and @dryanpress will step up instead.

The meeting archive is here.

The agenda for the next meeting is here, please add anything you want to discuss.

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