Dev Chat Summary: January 9

Thanks for everyone that attended, you can catch the archive here.

5.0.3 updates

5.1 updates

  • Beta 1 coming on Jan 10. Ticket list here to close or punt before then.
    • Aiming for 2000-2200 UTC, give or take.
  • Help is needed right now for triaging that list. You can help get 5.1 to beta, a great start is by reviewing tickets here.
  • There has been a change with PHP-FPM detailed here. @pento made a request for hosts to test this change.
  • @matt is leading with @pento as deputy for this release.

Updates from focus leads and component maintainers


  • New release of Gutenberg.
  • There is also some early discovery/ideation of phase 2 boundaries starting here.
  • Conversation on the design/research side here.


  • Still working on identifying places to remove cruft and also some excellent work on clearing up tickets in preparation for 5.1.


  • Planning for 2019 got started along with a discussion of auditing existing documentation for accuracy.

Open floor

  • Action requested on discussion of tackling lingering Trac tickets. Please share your thoughts.
  • The bulk edit that happened last week, was not based on the proposal in the post by @desrosj.
  • The triage team will be writing a post to start discussion of best practices soon and how to get involved.

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