WordPress 5.0.3 Release Candidate

The release candidate package for 5.0.3 is now available for testing. 

Please help test this release candidate to ensure everything works as expected. After activating the WordPress Beta Tester plugin, check that the “Point release nightlies” option is selected before updating.

WordPress 5.0.3 is scheduled to be released on January 9th. It contains 36 bug fixes and 7 performance improvements for the block editor.

Thank you to everyone who helped through bug reporting, submitting patches and building the release candidate.

Core Tickets by Component

Component: Bundled Theme (13)

  • #45541 – Bundled Themes: Button blocks not respecting settings
  • #45679 – Bundled Themes: Bump script and style version numbers
  • #45792 – Bundled Themes: Bump version numbers and update changelogs for 5.0.3 release
  • #45510 – Twenty Nineteen: Link are triggered on touchstart instead of touchend
  • #45689 – Twenty Nineteen: Incorrect opacity and text shadow on submenus when there’s a featured image.
  • #45693 – Twenty Nineteen: Update theme description and tags
  • #45713 – Twenty Nineteen: Improve menu semantics and keyboard navigation.
  • #45715 – Twenty Nineteen: Remove underline from the arrow that follows “Continue reading” links
  • #45716 – Twenty Nineteen: Push right-aligned images outside of the text column on the front end
  • #45726 – Twenty Nineteen: By default, the hover on outlined buttons is white text on a white background
  • #44883 – Twenty Seventeen: Use simple counter rather than uniqid() for generating unique IDs for HTML elements
  • #45426 – Twenty Seventeen: Missing colours from blocks.css for editor colour palette#45732 – Twenty Fourteen Button block link displayed with underscore
  • #44664 – Twenty Fourteen: Video play icon alignment#45794 – px/rem order reversed in Twenty Twelve blocks.css

Component: Customize (2)

  • #44770 – Customize: option_{$option} filter applied with a missing parameter
  • #44809 – Safeguard has_errors() check in extra Customizer validation

Component: Editor (5)

  • #43253 – Insert Link Dialog captures shift+arrow and changes selected item rather than highlighting text
  • #44919 – Tooltip for the ‘edit’ button in the Classic Editor has unnecessary suffix
  • #45788 – Not translated: “add media” in block classic in WP 5.0.2
  • #45814 – Update the WordPress packages for 5.0.3
  • #45453 – Block Editor: Add a Message if JavaScript is disabled

Component: I18N (2)

  • #45441 – wp_set_script_translations() does not support text domains other than “messages”
  • #45769 – Expose JSON translation file paths

Component: Script Loader (1)

  • #45535 – Unminified react and react-dom

Component: Upload (1)

  • #45615 – CSV Mime Type fails upload

Block Editor Fixes

All these fixes are grouped in #45814.

Performance (7)

  • Optimizing the addHook function
  • Optimizing the viewport state initialization.
  • Splitting the state tree for more performant selectors.
  • Partial application of runSelector.
  • Optimize selector calls.
  • Avoid rendering DropZone children if not necessary.
  • Avoid initializing variables if not necessary.

Bug Fixes (11)

  • Fix RTL support for the DatePicker component.
  • Change the header level in the BlockCompare component.
  • Show all the taxonomies in the sidebar.
  • Fix the latest posts date className.
  • Fix the “align center” button in Latest Posts block in the backend.
  • Fix block height when DropCap is used.
  • Fix converting caption shortcode with link.
  • Fix edge case in addQueryArgs function.
  • Don’t return the permalink if the CPT is not publicly viewable.
  • Fix error when saving non public CPTs.
  • Properly disable the Publish button when saving is disabled.

Core (1)

  • Code style fixes and expand the phpcs coverage.

Updated packages


#5-0-3, #gutenberg