What’s New in Gutenberg? (7th January)

Gutenberg 4.8 is the first plugin release after WordPress 5.0 that is not going to be backported entirely to the WordPress 5.0.x releases. The bug fixes and performance improvements have been cherry-picked into the upcoming WordPress 5.0.3 release.

The Changelog is a bit long as it includes a lot of PRs that were merged but not included in previous versions due to the more critical work needed for the WordPress 5.0.x releases.

I’d like to particularly thank all the persons that helped and continue to help improve our docs. There has been a lot of nice improvements lately, including a Getting Started with JavaScript tutorial, improvements to the design guidelines to build blocks and high-quality README files for our UI components.

Work on the performance of the editor is also continuing and we can expect more improvements in this area in the next releases as well.

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4.8 🚩



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