Gutenberg commits and merge status update

In the last weeks, we froze merging PRs in the Gutenberg repository to allow us to strictly control what gets shipped in 5.0 and 5.0.x releases.

This has served us well to ensure the stability of the releases. At the same time, the number of approved and unmerged PRs kept growing in the repository. After some discussions and feedback, it’s time to make some adjustments to our merging workflow:

  • A g-minor branch has been created in the Github repository based on the last package release.
  • Critical bug fixes can be cherry-picked to this branch in order to be integrated into 5.0.x releases.
  • Package releases can be performed from the branch.

In parallel:

  • We’ll start merging approved PRs to the master branch iteratively. Initially, let’s limit merging PRs to those explicitly assigned to the 4.8 milestone.
  • The merged PRs will be shipped in the next Gutenberg plugin releases.
  • No package release will be performed from the master branch.

As a consequence, the plugin releases and the WordPress release will diverge more and will be aligned for each major WordPress release.

#core-editor, #gutenberg