JavaScript Chat Summary – December 18th

Below is a of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agendaSlack transcript).

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Next meeting

This is the last meeting of the year. The next meeting will be held on January 8.

WordCamp US contributor day

A lot of fruitful contributions and discussions happened during the WCUS contributor day:

  • @herregroen made some progress toward improvements in how JSDoc are extracted and surfaced to developer documentation. More info in this slack thread and core ticket.
  • A Pull Request bringing aXe accessibility e2e testing in the Gutenberg repository has been created. The folks at Deque published a blog post about their takeaways.

Node 10.x LTS

The new versions of Gutenberg packages now require Node 10 or newer. This is to align with our stated support to follow the LTS release cycle of Node.

ESlint Package

The first version of the @wordpress/eslint-plugin package including recommended WordPress ESLint configuration has been published. A post detailing all the guidelines bundled in this package has been shared.

Action items:

  • Clarify in the docs and the package.json that the package requires eslint-plugin-react, eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y and eslint as peer dependencies.

JavaScript Documentation effort

There is an agreement that we need a bigger documentation effort to clarify some misunderstanding about the internals of Gutenberg.


  • If you have some technical knowledge and are interested in helping the documentation efforts, please have a look at this call for contributors.
  • Yoast is working on some extensibility APIs docs.

Documentation will be discussed further on the next meeting.

Open floor

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