WordPress 5.0 Field Guide

WordPress 5.0 is officially the best WordPress 2018 has seen!  Users will be empowered with new and exciting tools to create to create truly unique sites while developers can to take advantage of 10 enhancements and features added.  Let’s look at the many improvements coming in 5.0…

Heard of Gutenberg?

Not much has changed since 4.9.8, except this thing we lovingly call Gutenberg.  The Gutes.  Guten-all-the-things.  The Block Editor.  Want to build Gutenblocks?  We’ve got details on filters in the new block editor.  We’ve got compatibility flags you can set when adding a meta box to load the block editor or to fall back to the classic editor. There is also designer and developer documentation in the handbook.

JavaScript 🌐 and 🗣️

We’re bringing the internationalization capabilities that have existed in PHP for years to the world of JavaScript.  You can also translate strings in JavaScript files and distribute them via https://translate.wordpress.org.  The long-wished-for JavaScript actions and filters are now also available in core.

Default Themes

With all the excitement of the new block editor there is some exciting news on the default themes front. First, WordPress 5.0 welcomes the newest default theme to the family, Twenty Nineteen.

But, preexisting default themes have not been left behind! All preexisting default themes have been updated to be fully compatible with the new editor.


5.0 brings a new way to interact with media within the editor, getting us to the world of a truly “what you see is what you get” experience.  Some things have moved around, some new methods have been added, and new features abound; read below for details.

✉️🏷️s (Post Labels)

Five additional labels have been made available for custom post types, but you’ll have to click through below to learn more.  I dare you, click through.  Do it.


The 5.0 release brings a handful of great new REST API endpoints with it to power the new block editor. In addition to the new endpoints, there are a handful of other REST API changes to be aware of.

But Wait, There is More!

Over 26 bugs, 8 enhancements, 2 feature requests, and 6 blessed tasks have been marked as fixed in WordPress 5.0. Some additional ones to highlight include:

  • Add CSS URL sanitization to kses (#45067): Authors & Contributors can now use CSS in the post_content with a URL value, such as background-image. Used to get stripped out.

Please, test your code. Fixing issues helps you and helps millions of WordPress sites.

Update (2018-12-06): Added “JavaScript Packages and Interoperability in 5.0 and Beyond

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