Block Editor Support in Existing Default Themes

The default WordPress themes are a great way for even the most novice of site owners to quickly get up and running with a WordPress site that speaks their unique message. WordPress 5.0 will ship with the brand new Twenty Nineteen theme that fully showcases everything the new block-based editor has to offer. But, what if you aren’t ready to abandon your site’s current default theme?

New versions of all default WordPress themes will ship at the same time as WordPress 5.0 with full block editor support. For each theme:

  • Front-end and editor styles have been added for the new block-based editor.
  • Editor color palettes have been added based on the theme’s existing color settings. To best mesh with its accent color picker, Twenty Seventeen uses the block based editor’s default color palette.
  • In Twenty Thirteen, support has been added for wide alignments — they will be applied when no sidebar is present.

If default themes are not updated, they will still work with WordPress 5.0, but the editor may not accurately reflect how the post or page will look to users. As always, you are strongly encouraged to always run the latest version of all themes. Below are the versions of each default theme that add full block editor support:

  • Twenty Seventeen: 1.8
  • Twenty Sixteen: 1.6
  • Twenty Fifteen: 2.1
  • Twenty Fourteen: 2.3
  • Twenty Thirteen: 2.5
  • Twenty Twelve: 2.6
  • Twenty Eleven: 2.9
  • Twenty Ten: 2.6

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