Core-Privacy Office Hours Summary, 21 and 28 November

Ticket and coding issues

  • Gutenberg 11999, Fix the Privacy Policy Help Notice – merged into Core r43920. There is an open PR on the Classic Editor that will reverse the changes in r43920 and preserve the current placement of the notice (below the post title, above the editor) when that plugin is active.
  • As far as the contributors are aware, Gutenberg 11648 is the only remaining 5.0 related privacy ticket.
  • Quantcast advertising tracking has been removed from the .org footer. Props @ocean90. Matt has also approved replacing the social networking links with non-tracker links.
  • There are some potential privacy issues regarding Google Captcha 3.0. @idea15 to research.
  • #45395, which added the “shield” illustration to the admin dashboard privacy page, has raised the issue of the currency and accuracy of the text under it.
  • The 26 November bug scrub examined several new tickets: #45416 #45154, #45136, #44952, #44940, and #44876.
  • The needs-privacy-review tag in Trac (#3896) has been marked commit. @garrett-eclipse will add a link to the “needs-privacy-review” page on the main component page when there are active tickets.
  • There are 46 privacy tickets awaiting review.

Conference talks

Team issues

  • @javorszky has had to step away from contributing due to time constraints. @allendav is also unable to contribute at pre-4.9.6 levels. The team is always looking for new participants and contributors.
  • @riankinney and @idea15 are meeting with the Joomla! Core privacy team after WCUS to identify potential areas for mutual cooperation and to also learn more about their consent and logging work.
  • @idea15 wrote a post about the component’s work for the Marketing team.
  • The attendees agreed to use our 12 December office hours meeting, after WCUS and our contributions to Gutenberg are out of the way, to kickstart the V2 core privacy work.

Reminder: our weekly office hours are now at Wednesdays at 1900 UTC while bug scrubs remain Mondays at 16:00 UTC. The next office hours will take place on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at 19:00 UTC