Javascript Chat Summary – November 27, 2018

Below is a of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript)

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Agenda: WordCamp US

Slack Conversation

The question was posed “Who is going to WordCamp US” followed up by some shared info about what folks from the js team are doing at contributor day:

  • @omarreiss along with @atimmer are working on docs parsing for devhub.
  • @gziolo is getting into e2e setup exposure for core (related:
  • @aduth suggested it’d be nice if there could also be some work around automating as much as can around things like package/bumps dependency management (or at least talking that through).
  • @jorgefilipecosta mentioned there will be a table dedicated to Gutenberg and everyone is welcome.  Some “good first issues” will be prepped for first-time contributors and there will also be some higher level discussions around server-side awareness of blocks and the blocks options mechanism.
  • @adamsilverstein will be co-leading the Core group, with mention of Javascript work in the description.
  • There will also be a group focused on tests where the test discussions/work may fit or at least benefit from some cross collaboration between tables.

Lot’s of ways to get involved at WordCamp!

Open Floor: Consolidation of our ESLint configurations

Slack Conversation|Related Github Issue

: Consolidating various eslint configurations and extracting them into their own package.

This was originally blocked by introducing the remaining standards changes as a proposal via Make/Core (see–july-24th/)


  • publish the new @wordpress/eslint-config package.
  • shortly after, or around the same time, publish a make/core post outlining proposed changes to the WordPress javascript standards and references the new published package as the codified representation of them.  
  • the post invites feedback/comments on the proposed changes and responses will help tailor how the package is iterated on and also what gets updated in the official javascript standards documentation for WordPress after a week of comments.
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