What’s new in Gutenberg? (15th November)

This update should coincide with the last beta release (5). As usual, plenty of fixes were addressed across the different areas. Some long-standing usability issues were improved around image uploads, permalinks, columns, video backgrounds, etc. It’s now also possible for plugins to remove core panels from the Document sidebar. 

Help reviewing open PRs heading into RC will be greatly appreciated!

More clear “is uploading media” state across blocks

4.4 / WordPress 5.0 (Beta 5) 🐚

Permalink can also be accessed in the Document sidebar

Bug Fixes



Other Changes



Mobile Apps

Deprecations removed with this version.

  • Current PRs for review: 40 in 4.5 Milestone (-41 from 4.4).
  • Open issues in 5.0 RC: 108 (-30) — This will be heavily triaged tomorrow based on what gets merged from current 4.5 open PRs.
  • Open issues in 5.0.0: 10 (+2)
  • Open issues in 5.0.1: 4
  • Open issues in 5.0.x (fast follow): 37 (+15)
  • Current beta: Beta 4, 12th November.
  • Current plugin: 4.4, released today.
  • Next Beta: Beta 5, to be released today.
  • Next release: 5.0 RC, planned for next Monday.