Core Privacy Agenda – 7 November 2018

When/Where: Join us in #core-privacy on Making WordPress Slack from 1500-1600 UTC


  • We need a facilitator and note-taker for today (@allendav is on travel/AFK)
  • New Meeting Time discussion @desrosj
  • Tickets
  • Needs-privacy-review tag – Update from @garrett (meta:3896)
    • “wrote the patch and it’s now awaiting a commit. There’s two additional items after commit which is including links but we’ll hold on that until the tag starts to get some usage”
  • Raising awareness of core privacy work and meetings
    • Update from Rian re marketing newsletter — getting the word out about Office Hours, our need for developers and end-user feedback
  • “What is privacy in our context?”
    • What is privacy in the sense of what areas do we look at in our work @idea15
    • Separating the theory from the practice (e.g. our dev guidelines)
    • Update on working with Chris Tiezel for cross-platform definitions @idea15

Items postponed to next week:

  • WP mobile app permissions and trackers (@allendav)
  • Trackers on footer (@allendav)

What the Cool Privacy Kids Are Reading / Trying This Week:

Upcoming WordCamp (and other Event) Privacy Talks:

  • Planned talks
  • Opportunities

Helpful links:

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