What’s new in Gutenberg? (31st October)

4.2 is at the release candidate stage and can be grabbed here.

This update includes several fixes, refinements, performance improvements and other updates to the user experience and the different layers of APIs. Notably, it concludes the cycle for the formatting API to extend Rich Text components allowing to extend its controls more easily.

Adding a new formatting control to inline formatting toolbar.

The inserter between blocks has been tweaked so that the experience is consistent with all “add block” buttons — it opens the full inserter now.

Show full inserter when clicking + button between blocks.

Plugin developers can also register their own block categories and supply them with an icon for better clarity in the block library list.

Block categories can display an icon now.

4.2 🎲  / WordPress 5.0 (up to Beta 3)

Bug Fixes

Other Changes


Deprecations removed with this version.