Dev Chat Summary: October 24 (5.0 Week 4)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from October 24th (agendaSlack archive). Noteworthy: Daylight Saving Time is ending/has started in different places and times across the world. AUS started Oct 7, EU/UK ends Oct 28, US/CAN ends Nov 4. Plan accordingly!

5.0 Planning and Updates

  • WordPress 5.0 Beta is officially available. Big thank you to everyone who has helped us thus far! We look forward to your continued support as we head quickly toward our Nov 19 release date. Read more about it here:
    • Some concerns were raised about timeline and open issues. At the moment, we aren’t changing the timeline and there was general consensus that the open issue count could use some gardening to check for priority.A potentially post-beta, but definitely pre-RC concern was raised about #45018 
  • We still need people to write documentation (at all levels), and we have a few pieces we’re focused on first. Join the effort on GitHub
  • We also have an open call for testers. Anyone using assistive technology who has a few minutes to spare can help us continue to increase the accessibility of Gutenberg. Read more here:

Component and Focus Updates

  • The Gutenberg team released v4.1 which brought us to feature complete. Highlights include a block navigation system that can be used to access child and parent blocks within nested blocks easily.
  • The Privacy team shared a meeting summary including discussions of privacy reviews for Gutenberg, BuddyPress, and progress on documentation.
  • The PHP team shared a meeting summary with continued focus on WSOD protection. Future meetings will include work on roadmaps and team priorities.
    • Help is requested to test the WSOD code!
  • The Javascript team shared their meeting summary which included internationalization and package update process optimization.
  • The Accessibility team shared that they have selected new team reps and are working on a post to help define issues currently seen in the block editor.

Announcements and Open Floor

  • @paragonie raised #39309 as noteworthy for an upcoming release. There was a lengthy discussion, but in the end it seems that some momentum was achieved around awareness and future review.
  • @joyously asked about anyone stuck without autoupdates. They will not be autoupdated to 5.0.
  • @clorith noted that the Gutenberg forums are starting to get more development-specific questions. Feel free to stop by if you need a change of pace!

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, October 31 20:00 UTC in the #core Slack channel. Please feel free to drop in with any updates or questions. If you have items to discuss but cannot make the meeting, please leave a comment on the upcoming agenda post so that we can take them into account.