What’s new in Gutenberg? (19th October)

This update is considered to be the feature complete for starting the WordPress 5.0 cycle.

Highlights include a block navigation system that can be used to access child and parent blocks within nested blocks easily. It also works as a way to navigate quickly through all the blocks in post. This is a top level affordance that works as a “path” finder and would be the basis for many of the phase 2 layout implementations.

Alternative mechanism for selecting nested groups.

There is also a new block, new style variations for Table, support for video backgrounds in the newly renamed Cover block, accessible date and color pickers, better visibility for style variations, and an “options” modal similar to the former “screen options” to toggle document and meta-boxes on and off.

And this one shows a convenient block for splitting media and text in two columns with mid resizing. In phase 2, this can be the base for internal resizing of columns:

The next step is going to be to freeze the numerous APIs while bugs and outstanding backwards-compatibility issues are addressed.

4.1 is at the release candidate stage, which can be grabbed here.

4.1 🎾

Bug Fixes

Other Changes

Mobile Native

Deprecations removed with this version.

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