REST API Chat Summary, Oct 11

This post summarizes the REST API component team chat on Thursday, October 11 (agendaSlack transcript) and the bug scrub on Tuesday, October 16 (Slack transcript).

Updates on 5.0 priority tickets

As with last week, the meeting worked off of this post listing REST API priority tickets as an agenda. We aim to have all major 5.0-related REST API tickets landed by Thursday, to allow time Friday for final adjustments as we move into the beta stage.

In Progress

  • Progressively load data through pagination when assembling large collections for Gutenberg dropdowns, to prevent memory errors (gutenberg#6694): @kadamwhite is working on a patch. (This ticket does not cover any UI changes; those are tracked separately.)
  • Post says updated when it’s a page (#3315): @earnjam has opened a pull request addressing the issue.
  • Autosaves support (#43316): @adamsilverstein is driving, and will also look into gutenberg#6556 related to autosaves.
  • Introduce a controller for searching across post types (#39965): patch is in final review.
  • Improve media titles when creating from filename (#44789): @dryanpress is working on a patch as of Oct 11.
  • Introduce WP_Block_Type, WP_Block_Type_Registry, WP_REST_Block_Renderer_Controller, and WP_REST_Blocks_Controller classes (#45097 and #45098): @desrosj has a patch in progress.
  • Localizing REST API responses: #44758 moved into milestone, support from core contributors versed in localization is strongly requested to evaluate #41305. #38218 may be a necessary compromise, though #41305 is the preferred approach given its additional benefits.
  • Saving Metadata fails if value contains slashes (#42069): waiting for final sign-off from @boonebgorges
  • More descriptive REST API error messages (#10492): needs direction on wording. Lowest priority of open issues.

Resolved Tickets

  • PHP notices should be disabled for REST API responses (gutenberg#10476): thank you @earnjam and @danielbachhuber!
  • Theme-supports data is now exposed through the REST API for privileged users at the /wp/v2/themes?status=active endpoint (gutenberg#10518 / #45016): we have also added conditional loading to the Gutenberg classes to prevent conflicts between the core and plugin controllers.
  • Permalink templates are now exposed on the posts controller (#45017
  • An action is now fired after items are completely inserted/updated (#42864)

A full list of recently completed tickets can be seen in this post.

Punted Tickets

  • Support post locking through the REST API (#44862): The current solution using the existing locking functionality is sufficient for 5.0; more discussion is needed to identify a way to represent this state in a RESTful manner.

Thank you to every contributor who has helped move these tickets forward in such a short period of time. We will have our next weekly meeting tomorrow, October 18 17:00 UTC, and have scheduled additional bug scrubs through the end of the month.