Javascript Chat Summary – October 16, 2018

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack Transcript)

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Agenda: “Props” for Gutenberg Merge

Slack Conversation

How are props being handled for the merge of Gutenberg code?

  • consensus was mostly reached on Github profile attribution for any involved in a pull request.
  • There were not concrete plans for technical process implementation of props yet.


  • Discussion can continue in the meeting notes, or revisited in a future meeting.

Agenda: “Internationalization”

Slack Conversation

  • Proposal for language packs
  • for v1, utilize `wp_localize_script` for loading/queuing translations.
  • for v1, generate translation file (po,mo,json…) for every single JS file


  • split this out into a meta trac ticket and create tickets/issues on different projects as necessary. (owned by @herregroen)

Agenda: Plugin and Block Scaffolding

Slack Conversation

There are some recently released projects designed to aid developer experience around plugins and blocks for Gutenberg:

  • Work also started on a solution based on the above which is purely JS based.


  • continue feedback/evaluation on the pull request

Agenda: Pending bump of Node’s LTS version from 8.x to 10.x

Slack Conversation | Context


  • probably only request a bumping of the relevant files with node version in them.
  • possibly some docs updating needed.
  • revisit in a following meeting.