Additional REST API bug scrubs scheduled through October

Meeting notes for the October 11 REST API component chat will be posted by Tuesday, but one item we discussed was @danielbachhuber‘s request to run one additional bug-scrub meeting each week for the next several weeks.

As noted in the REST API outstanding Gutenberg/5.0 issue list post and the notes from last week’s meeting, we have a number of outstanding tasks that need developer attention, and @danielbachhuber is requesting that developers commit to addressing bugs with a one- to three-day turnaround time after taking an issue. (If this is not possible—and it isn’t, for some of these bigger issues—that is alright; but it helps keep things moving if we check in on that schedule). Adding one additional bug scrub each week lets us evaluate our progress and commitments, and reassign in-flight bugs as contributor availability requires.

Upcoming REST API meetings through the end of October:

The Tuesday bug scrubs have been moved up 1-2 hours from the time of the normal weekly meeting to better accommodate European contributor schedules. We encourage all interested developers to attend any and all of these meetings as you are able, we will be excited to help you find a useful ticket to move us towards Gutenberg and 5.0!

Edit: All meetings will be held in the #core-restapi slack channel!