PHP Meeting Recap – September 24th

This recap is a summary of our previous PHP meeting. It highlights the ideas and decisions which came up during that meeting, both as a means of documenting and to provide a quick overview for those who were unable to attend.

You can find this meeting’s chat log here.

Chat Summary

Update PHP Page

We first discussed the current implementation of the dynamic block we want to include at the top of the “Update PHP” page.

  • @nerrad had already implemented a Gutenberg block to provide this functionality. It has multiple fields in its sidebar to allow adapting the text to display.
  • @dd32 suggested looking into a hardcoded PHP template instead, to reuse Glotpress functionality for the translation workflow. Otherwise, it is very difficult for translators to know when strings had been updated. Also, this would ideally go into the theme for the Support subsite, instead of a plugin, to isolate the changes to this subsite only.
  • We mostly agreed that internationalization is easier with a hardcoded approach where the strings to localize are found in the code. @sergey pointed out that this is how all the content is done on the main site and linked to an example.
  • The approach to take would be to create a page wporg-support/page-update-php.php and hardcode the content into that.
  • This discussion showed that we wasted a lot of time (@nerrad invested up to 10 hours into the first iteration of the plugin), because the actual requirements were never mentioned before starting. We should think about how we can avoid situations like this in the future, making sure we don’t invest time in “non-options”.

WSOD Protection

We then moved on to discuss progress on #44458 – Catch WSODs and provide a means for recovery for end users.

  • The current implementation is missing logic for themes and might not yet work correctly on multisite installations.
  • @flixos90 will mention the ticket during the multisite meeting to look at what would be necessary for making it work with multisites.
  • For themes, @afragen quickly tested what would happen when no theme at all would be loaded. The login screen and the admin backend do not seem to be affected.
  • For skipping to load a theme that throws errors, we can add an additional condition in the bootstrap code where WP decides whether to load the functions.php file or not.

Next week’s meeting

  • Next meeting will take place on Monday, October 1st, 2018 at 15:00 UTC in #core-php.
  • Agenda:
    • Discuss hardcoded approach to “Update PHP” page.
    • Collect feedback on multisite approach for WSOD protection.
  • If you have suggestions about this but cannot make the meeting, please leave a comment on this post so that we can take them into account.

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