WordPress 4.9.9 Minor Release Roadmap

Release Schedule (Tentative) :

Beta : Monday October 22, 2018

Release Candidate : Monday October 29, 2018

Release Date : Monday November 5, 2018

Bug Scrubs:

We will be running bug scrubs across the planet for this release. We will do our best to provide coverage for every time zone, but you can expect to see one in the #core channel weekly. We will share the schedule soon.


For the 4.9.9, we plan on working on 4 focus areas: Accessibility, Internationalization, Site Health Project, Gutenberg Preparation. Along with these concerted efforts, we want to over-communicate and make sure we get involved with all teams as much as possible.

Key Focuses:

Internationalization (i18n):

We are going to try and bring focus around internationalization. Translations, making sure date/time values work and RTL is supported. More to come as we learn more about the current backlog.

Accessibility (a11y):

We’d also want to focus on fixing issues in accessibility. There’s lots of ways we can drastically improve the experience for a lot of people with minor effort.

Site Health Project (Servehappy) :

We will investigate the work remaining for the Servehappy project and determine how to get it in people’s hands as soon as possible. WSOD protection, update dashboard notice, plugin version requirements are the hot items pending. 

Gutenberg Preparation:

We are collecting the tickets that should be processed for laying the groundwork for the upcoming Gutenberg merge. The tickets that have been proposed by the Gutenberg team so far are:

Communication :

As per usual, we will be regularly communicating details around changes made. For this release, we’d like to aim to over communicate happenings in the release. If there is a commit and you don’t mind us putting you on blast, we’re going to explore ways to publicly celebrate and tell the story of that! This goes especially if the contribution is one of your first!

We will also strive to be more present in component meetings. We will each be attending every component meeting at least once in the release cycle to check in on any things that may be needed for 4.9.9.