What’s New in Gutenberg? (31st August)

Our final update for August aims to add further clarity to some core interactions, as well as fixing many issues. Notably, we are expanding on the previously called “Fixed Toolbar” mode — now named Unified Toolbar — as an optional mode for a more traditional writing environment. In our testing, this mode tends to be preferred by more experienced users who don’t mind the disconnect between the tools and the content blocks. There’s also an additional setting which focuses the editing experience on a single block at a time, as well as de-emphasizing some of the block boundaries. These tools can be combined at will to better suit personal preferences and creative workflows.

There are many improvements to individual blocks, conversions, templates, and interactions. We want to say thank you again to everyone who is engaging, raising concerns or making suggestions, and collaborating in making the project better with each release.

Updates to the Block Switcher Menu

3.7 🛵

Mobile Native



Deprecations removed with this version.

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