REST API meeting agenda: August 9

We’ve been remiss about posting these, but discussion has been ongoing in #core-restapi over the past few weeks. We’ve seen a lot of discussion of Gutenberg priorities and compatibility issues, and have also been discussing the need for more robust authentication and considering future improvements to register_meta.

This week, the agenda for our scheduled REST API component meeting today (2018-08-09 17:00 UTC) is:

  • register_meta: discuss and prioritize future enhancements
  • Gutenberg: call for volunteers to assist with priority tickets
  • 5.0: Discuss what our component priorities should be leading up to 5.0
  • Open floor / bug triage

As always, if you have a REST API related ticket you would like to bring to the component team’s attention, please join us or leave a note in the #core-restapi channel. Hope to see you all later today!