PHP Meeting Recap – July 30th

This recap is a summary of our previous PHP meeting. It highlights the ideas and decisions which came up during that meeting, both as a means of documenting and to provide a quick overview for those who were unable to attend.

You can find this meeting’s chat log here.

Chat Summary

  • It was discussed which types of errors and exceptions to handle in scope of the sandbox mode (see #44458).
  • @schlessera presented a document in which he had prepared comprehensive resources and his suggestions for what to handle.
  • The approach was mostly agreed on, with the addition that the E_USER_ERROR type should also be covered, since many plugins make use of it, some of which are among the most popular ones.
  • The following PHP errors should be treated:
    • E_PARSE
    • E_ERROR
  • Regarding exceptions, only the base Exception and the PHP7 Error exception classes need to be treated, basically as a catch-all.
  • It is not necessary to wrap the try-catch statement catching Error into a PHP7 version check clause, since catch statements do not trigger autoloading since PHP 5.1, so there won’t be an issue on PHP versions below 7.
  • The following exceptions should be caught:
    • Exception
    • Error
  • Something to consider and test with the implementation is whether the shutdown handler plays well with other shutdown handlers possibly registered by plugins.
  • In addition to implementing treatment of the above errors and exceptions, an important item is how to handle multiple broken plugins: In the latest patch, when an error is detected and the plugin is paused, the next request might simply do the same thing if another plugin causes a problem. In case many plugins are affected, this presents a significant UX issue.
  • Therefore a mechanism is needed that detects multiple issues in one go without requiring further user interaction. Redirects and/or AJAX requests are ideas that could be used to accomplish that. @schlessera is going to continue working on that.
  • Due to the project becoming increasingly big, it was decided to proceed work through a pull request against a WordPress fork, to have a better overview of the incremental code changes. GitHub should only be used for the implementation while discussion can stay on Trac. A pull request has been opened for that purpose to which the latest patch has been ported over. Note: In order to test the code, it is only necessary to append a .diff extension to the PR.

Next week’s meeting

  • Next meeting will take place on Monday, August 6th, 2018 at 15:00 UTC in #core-php.
  • Agenda: Continue discussion on avoiding WSODs in PHP.
  • If you have suggestions about this but cannot make the meeting, please leave a comment on this post so that we can take them into account.

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