JavaScript chat summary – July 10th

Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack transcript).

Participants: @abdullahramzan, @adamsilverstein, @aduth, @aristath, @atimmer, @gziolo, @herregroen, @hypest, Jorge Costa, @netweb, @omarreiss, @pento, @rheinardkorf, @schlessera, @westonruter, @westonruter

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wp.hooks namespace argument

There was a lengthy discussion about how we should deal with ACF including a wp.hooks library. The version in Gutenberg includes a namespace argument on addAction not present in the ACF version.

  • @adamsilverstein mentioned that we could drop the namespace argument, but have the function throw a console warning if it isn’t provided.
  • ACF should be updated for 5.0 anyway, so this could be part of it.
  • This ties right into the discussion we had last week about deprecation strategy.
  • ACF is using a library that a lot of plugins are using, which is based on the wp.hooks proposal on the trac ticket. So there might be a good reason to preserve backwards compatibility.

No final conclusion was reached.

Deprecation Strategy

There weren’t a lot of changes since last week’s chat. wp.hooks could be a good test case for the deprecation strategy. This will be discussed on the wp.hooks issue.


WordPress/packages has been merged into Gutenberg 🎉. Updated packages still need to be published and released to npm. The only PR that still need to be merged is the update to Babel 7. The new version of Lerna makes managing the packages easier.

For React Native support a few files need to be refactored. Babel 7 and Jest need to be updated. codecov might need to be relaxed for React native to pass the codecov requirements.

Service Workers

A decision needs to be made on which service workers scopes make sense in a WordPress context. Discussion is happening on this pull request.

@westonruter asks everyone for feedback:

At the moment to me it seems it just makes sense to have two scopes, one for the frontend and one for the wp-admin. Please provide feedback there for anyone who has insights.

Coding Standards

The coding guidelines on camelcase have been merged in Gutenberg. The next step is to add those to the WordPress JavaScript standards. There are still some decisions to make about ES2015 standards, but those are for another meeting. The way these can go into WordPress is by first specifying these for Gutenberg and presenting these to the community.