4.9.6 Schedule

This schedule has changed. Please refer to the 4.9.6 Schedule Changes for the new 4.9.6 release schedule.

The following is the current 4.9.6 release schedule:

Important Dates

  • Beta: Tuesday, May 1st.
  • RC: Tuesday, May 8th.
  • Release: Tuesday, May 15th.

Bug Scrubs

  • Tuesday, April 24th at 1600 UTC
  • Thursday, April 26th at 1600 UTC
  • Tuesday, May 1st at 1600 UTC
  • Thursday, May 3rd at 1700 UTC
  • Tuesday, May 8th at 1600 UTC
  • Tuesday, May 15th at 1600 UTC

GDPR Meetings

The GDPR compliance group meets in the #gdpr-compliance channel in Slack every Wednesday at 1500 UTC.