GDPR Compliance Chat Recap – April 11

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First deploy of ticket #43481

  • Core ticket #43481 is about tabs and placeholders to privacy tools page in wp-admin and a first version has been committed into dev. Goal is to have it inside the 4.9.6 release.
  • These screens will allow the site admin to get validation from the requester follow-up on requests. Requests could come in from different sources (email, phone request, contact page, etc) so a dedicated place is needed.

Announcements: Available texts and where to publish them

Plugin dev guidelines

Privacy section in readme.txt

  • Besides the functions in Core and the upcoming filters/hooks that plugin authors will be able to use, there might also be a need to have privacy related info in the readme.txt
  • The advantages of a section in the readme.txt would be:
    • availability in plain text in downloads
    • parsable, can be displayed in tab on plugin repo
    • translation, since readme is in Core’s i18n tools on
    • Version control
  • The eventual section in the readme.txt will however not substitute the need of having the privacy information also delivered using filters/hooks as the purpose and possibilities are different.
  • Another idea was to add a ‘Privacy URL’ keyword where a URL could be provided to a privacy statement hosted on a website.

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GDPR agenda and recaps:

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