Dev Chat Summary: March 28th (4.9.5 week 8)

This post is a summary of the latest dev chat meeting which took place on March 28th (agenda– Slack archive).

4.9.5 planning

4.9.5 Release Candidate has been released Tuesday, 27th March.

The release candidate package is now ready for testing. Please help us by testing this release to ensure 4.9.5 fixes the reported issues and doesn’t introduce any new ones. 4.9.5 contains 25 bug fixes and enhancements.

Please note: the "Try Gutenberg" callout will probably land in 4.9.6, but not in 4.9.5. There are still a few Gutenberg issues that need to be fixed before it's ready for the amount of attention this will bring.

4.9.5 release following on Tuesday, April 3rd.

@danieltj, @audrasjb & @sergey to get in touch with concerned people (mission control, bundled themes & bundled plugins maintainers…) about 48 hours before the release.

Core component maintainers

@jbpaul17 (jeffpaul on Slack) is currently auditing component maintainers to make sure all components have a maintainer and in case anyone wishes to step down.

More accurately, there will be a call out to current component maintainers to nominate additional maintainers as they’re most aware of who’s contributing and able to help maintain a component.

From the build/test-tools component: new version of grunt-patch-wordpress was released and added to trunk. Update your NPM modules. (see related post).

Feeds component: @stevenkword to ask for committer having interest in that component to avoid getting stuck at the commit point and release leads to punt tickets to next release. @sergeybiryukov to help to look at any tickets in that component to get them to commitable state or figure out the next step. Any help welcome.

Note: if you are interested in becoming a component maintainer, please get in touch with current component mainteners first.

List of current component maintainers:

Basically, component mainteners should:

  • keep in mind that being a component maintainer means to be really well versed and know a lot (not necessarily everything) about that component.
  • to care about it, but doesn’t have to be a developer: designers can maintain components. Ideally, there should be at least one designer for each component that touch UI.

The new contributor meeting will also move it’s time in tandem with the dev chat. The next one is scheduled for next week, Tuesday at 19:00 UTC.