Dev Chat Summary: March 14th (4.9.5 week 6)

This post is a summary of  the latest dev chat meeting which took place on March 14th (agendaSlack archive).

4.9.5 Planning

Planned release schedule:

  • Beta: 03/20
  • RC: 03/27
  • Expected release date: 04/03

Beta scheduled for next Tuesday, March 20th. Beta release process planned to begin after the weekly bug scrub.

An extra bug scrub is planned on Saturday 17th at 15:00 UTC for 4.9.5 triage.


  • Some 5.0 good-first-bug labelled tickets have been moved back to 4.9.5.
  • All tickets slated in 4.9.5 that are not 100% OK before beta release process will land in future release. @pento added 4.9.6 milestone to handle this.

Release planning: Gutenberg, GDPR, serve happy and other projects

There are a couple items that would be good to ship ahead of Gutenberg's release. How can WordPress best supports getting GDPR updates out ahead of its May deadline? Similarly for other non-Gutenberg projects (e.g., serve happy, debug screen, on-boarding improvements), how can WordPress best supports getting them out ahead of Gutenberg?

Now for Gutenberg, and as discussed last week there are various "Gutentasks" that could use some "Gutenhelp":

  • Various REST API tasks that can be done now in parallel
  • Core changes
  • New endpoints and infrastructure plans
  • How would inclusion of Gutenberg/JS packages work


  • @pento: about GDPR, there may be some smaller things ready for 4.9.5, but it will probably needs a 4.9.6/7 release towards the end of April or early May to add all the bits and pieces.
  • @audrasjb: question about new files or big changes like GDPR in a minor release.
  • @pento: new files can't be added in point releases, as a general rule, but there is no problem adding features (like GDPR) in 4.9.x releases, and there won't be a 4.10 release.
  • @pento: Serve happy needs some polish, but should be ready for 4.9.5. Unfortunately, it was merged to trunk early: There was design feedback on it which wasn't implemented.
  • Discussion about design in WordPress: @pento, @afercia, other contributors & core-committers to talk about design decisions in Trac workflow and in WordPress development in general. This topic will be discussed separately of this dev chat but it seems really fundamental.
  • @Krizzy: question about some good-first-bug tickets status while Gutenberg is being developed. @melchoyce answered if it’s something small and contained, it’s good to push that forward into a point release. And as a reminder, everybody is always welcome to contribute to the discussion, even if the ticket is already marked as "claimed".
  • @aduth: inclusion of Gutenberg/JS packages was a topic of the JS meeting this week. Conversation already started in core-js slack channel.
  • @pento: There have been some small core changes for Gutenberg that have landed in trunk already, mostly REST API tweaks. That process can continue. The larger REST API changes probably won't come until around when the merge proposal comes.
  • @kadamwhite announced REST API meeting is still 17:00 UTC post-daylight-savings, so that's an hour later than last week.


  • @matveb: 2.4 of Gutenberg was released today.
  • @sergeybiryukov: question about the right time for #41316 – Introduce "try Gutenberg" callout –, or still too early.
  • @pento: 4.9.5 release being in 3 weeks is good time for the callout to be added, so it should be kept in the milestone.

Various questions

  • @benoitchantre asked if #36455 should be milestoned for 4.9.5 to prevent OPcache issues to users invited to upgrade their PHP version.
  • @mikeschroder: that particular ticket needs a new patch.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on March 21st, 2018 at 21:00 UTC in the #core Slack channel. Please feel free to drop in with any updates or questions. If you have items to discuss but cannot make the meeting, please leave a comment on this post so that we can take them into account.