GDPR Compliance Chat Recap – February 21st

(full text on slack)

A centralised GitHub folder was created to gather all info (Roadmap, knowledge base, trac tickets list, etc) while waiting for a final location:

@idea15 (webdevlaw on slack) indicated that a privacy centre to hold GDPR information for site users, for site administrators/owners, and developers is being build. To be checked how this will be split between and

How 'other systems' deal with the request to see personal data can be found on

A discussion was started if the interface is way to go and/or if Core should provide actions & filters to provide means to plugins to report their personal data.

@allendav was pointing to for possible shortcodes to expose privacy policy statements in a consistent way.

@schlessera pointed out that localization might be difficult to handle, how to avoid a mix of languages?

Current global idea is that plugins submit the info using hooks/filters, the admin/controller needs to 'accept' them so that enduser can see the full list, all based on versioning per plugin.

Additional capabilities (like e.g. manage_compliance) could be needed.

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