WordPress 4.9.3 Beta

As mentioned in the last dev chat, WordPress 4.9.3 maintenance release is scheduled for January 30th.

The beta package for 4.9.3 is now ready for testing. Please help us by testing this beta to ensure 4.9.3 fixes the reported issues and doesn’t introduce any new ones.

JSHint Removal

One of the important changes is the removal of JSHint from code editor due to its GPL-incompatible license. If your code relies upon JSHint from core, you should update it to include a copy of JSHint. See ticket #42850 for more details.

Other Changes

Other notable fixes and enhancements include:


  • #15397 redirect_guess_404_permalink() doesn’t guess posts with updated dates


  • #42646 Customizer cropper settings don’t respect flex-width=false and flex-height=false
  • #42686 Default selected changeset status should not be ‘publish’ when current user does not have publish capability
  • #42975 Customize: Previewing a changeset locks the changeset


  • #43109 RegEx in parse_db_host() can cause notices and headers sent too early


  • #42862 Update Twemoji to v2.4.0


  • #42643 No download link if a FLV file cannot be rendered


  • #42860 PHP 7.2 warning in WP_Query::set_found_posts()


  • #42597 “Term already exists” error no longer returns term ID


  • #42697 Missing Translations update section


  • #42503 Visual mode does not work in Internet Explorer 11
  • #42722 TinyMCE JS error preventing plugins from loading
  • #42908 Additional markup inserted when editing shortcodes and switching between Visual/Text tabs
  • #43090 Extra dots in in TinyMCE toolbar dropdowns in Microsoft Edge


  • #42693 WordPress sends an “admin email address was changed” message to you@example.com on new install
  • #43103 Reduce plugin/theme API calls during core release windows


  • #42740 Image Widget does not support relative links
  • #42802 Custom HTML widget validation does not allow single-quoted attributes
  • #43003 HTML5 “required” attribute in Widget form() fails in ajax-actions.php during save
  • #43125 Deregistering WP_Widget_Media_Image breaks Text widget’s “Add Media” button

See the full list of closed tickets in Trac.