Dev Chat Summary: December 6th (4.9.2 week 1)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from December 6th (agenda, Slack archive).

4.9.2 ticket triage + timing

  • 41 tickets already marked for 4.9.2, minus fixed-major there are 39 tickets
  • #42586 is the only high priority ticket in the milestone
  • Aiming for 4.9.2 release toward the end of January 2018

Plan for 4.9.x minor releases

  • Will look to do 6-8 weeks for a release window with 4-6 weeks of work, week and a half of beta, half week of RC
  • From past experience, its best to have someone who isn’t the major release lead handle a minor release as it (1) gets the major release leads some rest and (2) gets more folks familiar with the release process
  • @kadamwhite @joemcgill @desrosj interested in helping as a minor release lead, but unavailable in January. @obenland available to lead a minor release, @sergey available as a backup lead.
  • If you have interest in being a minor release lead, please ping @jbpaul17 or mention in #core. Self-nominations are accepted and encouraged, you don't have to be an engineer, and commit access is not required but helpful.
  • We need to make sure we have people with access available for the builds, but anyone with the knowledge can organize/follow up on tickets in the lead up to a release and be a decision maker.
  • No rush to find someone with access to package a release until the week leading up to a release
  • Would be good to add a “next-minor” milestone to Trac so we could pull things into the 4.9.x milestone once they are actually resolved instead of mass punting

Definition of "minor" release

  • Bugfixes and minor enhancements/features that do not add new deployed files and are at the discretion of the release lead with suggestions/input from component maintainers.

Weekly updates from leads

  • Focus leads to provide weekly updates including:
    • what big things happened this week?
    • what needs eyes/testing?
    • what big challenges could the team use help with?
    • what decisions need feedback before being made?
  • Component leads to provide updates as necessary, though not required weekly, and focused mainly on big things or areas where we need coordination

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