Media meeting recap – October 5, 2017


This post is a summary of the latest weekly Media component meeting, which took place in the #core-media Slack channel, on Thursday, October 5, 2017, 18:00 UTC. The purpose of these meetings are to move priority tasks forward, provide feedback on issues of interest, and review media focused tickets on Trac.

@joemcgill, @karmatosed, @blobfolio, @mikeschroder.

Transcript: Read on Slack

4.9 beta 1 review

First of all, I want to thank everyone who helped work on tickets the past few weeks. We were able to ship all of the enhancements that were still on the milestone before the deadline 🙌🏻.

Here are the relevant tickets with commits from this week:

  • #33981 – Default Captions Should Use max-width
  • #21819 – Reduce duplicated custom header crops int he Customizer
  • #35218 – Parse the creation date out of uploaded videos
  • #41629 – Default to “custom URL” in the image widget
  • #40894 – Use Webpack instead of Browserify for build process

Please continue testing these and provide feedback as you notice anything.

Priority tickets for the coming week (beta 2)

There are two MEJS issues, both which are close to commit:

  • #41787 – Media: JS error when removing a video/audio sourced
  • #42071 – MediaElement upgrade causing JS errors when certain languages are in use

Other high priority tickets for this week:

  • #21819 – Use an image size for custom headers instead of duplicating an attachment – @joemcgill to continue iterating here, feedback and testing welcome.
  • #37750 – Cropping custom logo should preserve attachment properties – This is closely related to #21819.
  • #41973 – HTTP Error when uploading images on PHP 7.1.9 (needs confirmation) – @mikeschroder tested and left a comment. Seems like a configuration issue but we’ll continue tracking throughout beta to see if we can help resolve on our end.
  • #40175 – Upload Validation / MIME Handling – @blobfolio refreshed the patch, which needs further testing and review.

Tickets with no owner in the 4.9 milestone:

  • #40921 – Inconsistent Handling of mp4 by Audio Widget – @toddhalfpenny since volunteered to continue working on it, just needs review.
  • #41844 – Media: audio players overflow playlist containers – @celloexpressions and @melchoyce have been working on this one.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 12, 2017, 18:00 UTC and will be lead by @karmatosed.

#core-media, #media