Dev Chat Summary: September 13th (4.9 week 7)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from September 13th (agendaSlack archive).

4.9 schedule and requests for contributions

  • 2 weeks until the feature project merge deadline, 3 weeks until Beta 1
  • These tickets need someone to contribute to them or else they’re in danger of not making it in 4.9:
    • Add nested folder structure deeper than 2 levels (#6531)
    • Add better warnings when you’re editing themes and plugins (even if they’re not active) (#31779, #41078)
    • Updating a plugin or theme via a ZIP file (#9757). Also, drag and drop uploading of themes and plugins (#24579)
    • Widgets: Default to “custom URL” in the image widget (#41629)
    • Customizer drafting/scheduling (#39896, #28721)
  • @westonruter: I committed CodeMirror to integrate with the Theme/Plugin editors, Custom HTML widget, and Additional CSS in the Customizer
  • @jbpaul17: looking to schedule bug scrubs, please reach out if you’re interested in helping
    • Component maintainers: Please confirm if you’re running scrubs for your component

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