Removing SWFUpload

Development of SWFUpload stopped many years ago. It has been deprecated in coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. since WordPress 3.3 (2011) when we switched to using Plupload. Additionally the latest updates in some browsers default to disabling Flash.

It’s finally time to say Goodbye 🙂

There are several popular plugins that appear to still use SWFUpload after so many years of it being deprecated:

(For the full list see

If you are using one of these plugins on your site, please contact the authors and ask them to switch to Plupload. Core switched to it… 16 versions ago!

We created the list of plugins by searching the WordPress plugins directory for 'swfupload', and there are probably some “false positives”. Sorry if it includes plugins that are not using SWFUpload any more, or are including that string for other reasons.