New Contributors Meeting Recap – August 30th

This past Wednesday, the weekly new contributor meeting was held in the #core Slack room. Here is a recap of the meeting. A full chat log is also available.

Participants: @adhun @afercia @alfonso100 @asalce @azaozz @boonebgorges @coderkevin @cousett @davidmosterd @desrosj @flixos90 @harryjackson1221 @jack50n9 @joemcgill @joyously @katmoody @mapk @mp518 @mrasharirfan @nicbertino @pbearne @psdtohtmlguru @ryankanner @sergeybiryukov @sygnoos @thomasplevy @tjnowell @xkon @yahil @mrasharirfan

Discussion Highlights

Ways other than Trac to find where to help

Accessibility Contributions

If your expertise is not in code, but rather accessibility, the a11y team meets weekly, every Monday at 17:00UTC in the #accessibility Slack room. All are welcome!

Meetings are held regularly for many of the Core components and Make WordPress teams. Attending these meetings is a great way to get a feel for how progress is made within the project and find ways you can offer help.

New PHPUnit Test section in the Core Handbook

@boonebgorges has recently spent some time constructing a new section of the WiordPress Core Handbook, “Writing PHPUnit Tests“.

Miscellaneous Topics

  • @coderkevin inquired if there had been discussions about memory leakage within the test suite. #41641 was mentioned as the ticket to read into for this. The Distributed Host Testing project is also relevant to that ticket.
  • Currently, there is no central place for documentation on the test suite’s factory classes. The inline documentation for the __construct() functions within each factory class is currently the best place for this information.

Tickets Reviewed

  • #41743 (Using the_widget on a widget that has not been registered results in an undefined index notice.)


Next Week’s Meeting

The next meeting will take place in the #core slack channel on Wednesday, September 6, 19:00 UTC. Please feel free to drop in with any questions or tickets you’d like to discuss!

Thanks to everyone who attended! As always, please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to any of the moderators (@adamsilverstein, @desrosj, @stevenkword, @welcher) with questions on Slack. Or, feel free to reach out to any core developer or component maintainer with questions specific to certain core areas.

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