Multisite Recap for the week of August 21st

Office Hours Recap

The agenda for this office hours meeting was to brainstorm about finding a solid way to check for the existence of the blogmeta database table for site meta (see #37923).

The meeting’s chat log

Attendees: @dac, @flixos90, @jeremyfelt, @johnbillion, @pmbaldha, @spacedmonkey, @vizkr

Chat Summary:

  • There is no global storage in WordPress, but the blogmeta table exists in global context, therefore we can’t reliably check whether the table exists based on the db_version setting of the current network. We need to find a way to cache this value somewhat globally and work around the limitation.
  • A network option site_meta_supported should be used to store the result of the direct database check. It should only be available on the main network to simulate the one central access point as if the setting was global.
  • A dedicated function is_site_meta_supported() should be developed to check whether the blogmeta table exists in global context or not.
  • The option site_meta_supported should not be set on every network, to prevent unnecessary clutter and to make possible future migration easy.
  • The function is_site_meta_supported() should check a specific filter first. If the filter returns something other than null, the function should return that result immediately. Otherwise it should check the main network’s site_meta_supported option. If that is not set yet, the function should run a direct database query to check for the table existence and populate the main network option accordingly.
  • The upgrade_network() function should set the main network option based on a direct database check.
  • The site meta ticket is getting closer to commit. It should be ready once the suggested changes are in place (see #37923).

The next office hours will take place on Tuesday 16:00 UTC. An agenda for it will be posted in advance.

Ticket Scrub Recap

The agenda for this ticket scrub was to look at the tickets #40764 and #41344.

The meeting’s chat log

Attendees: @afragen, @desrosj, @ina2n, @pmbaldha

Chat Summary:

  • In multisite, theme updates do not show the new version number. The patch to fix this bug is looking good. There was only some coding standard error (see #40764).
  • Secure Email Integration with SMTP: It was decided that the ticket is plugin territory due to the huge variety of mechanisms and services for sending mail (see #41344).

The next ticket scrub will take place on Monday 17:00 UTC. An agenda for it will be posted in advance.
If you were unable to attend one of these meetings but have feedback, please share your thoughts in the comments on this post. In case there’s a need for further discussion we will ensure to make time for it in one of next week’s chats. See you next week!

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