New Contributors Meeting Recap – July 12

This week’s New Contributors Meeting was held on Wed July 12th at 19:00. Once again, there were lots of great questions asked in the #core channel. Read the full chat archive here.

Discussion Highlights:

Tickets Discussed:

  • #40921 – Inconsistent Handling of mp4 by Audio Widget
  • #40138 – Bundled themes: the tag cloud widget should output a list
  • #22669 – iPad: Can’t Scroll Plugins Modal
  • #41168 – Identify the active theme when editing a site’s themes

The next meeting will take place in the #core slack channel on Wed, July 19th at 19:00. Please feel free to drop in with any questions or tickets you’d like to discuss!

Thanks to everyone that attended and please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to any of the moderators with questions.

Moderators: @flixos90, @welcher, @stevenkword, @desrosj

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